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Project DataMine is a project based on the massively popular game MineCraft developed by "Notch". Using DataMine will allow users to readily access information on the game and the vast amount of recipes quick and easily.
The idea is derived from other game addons such as "Atlas Loot" from World of Warcraft which enable easy access of certain data. The application is free to download but we do accept donations with gratitude! These donations will allow us to eventually get our asses off Blogger and host our own site and launch regular server side updates to the application to make your life easier! We hope you make good use of this and all feed back is taken into consideration!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

DataMine v1.0

The first version of DataMine has finally been completed!

We are using RapidShare to host the files at the moment while the guys at Mod DB verify our Application!

In the meantime, it can be downloaded here!

EDIT: STUFF THAT! RapidShare is terrible at the moment!

Get it here!

Please leave comments and Feedback!

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